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Creating a Good Company Culture

Our culture is one of our most valuable assets. Fourteen years ago, we set out to create a safe, open environment for employees to grow and thrive. We committed to hiring a diverse staff that represented and embraced our core values, and we listened to them. This year, our work paid off with an official Great Places to Work ®  Certification™ validated by our fabulous team. Strong company culture can give your company an advantage by fostering loyalty, creativity, and motivation. But what are the ingredients of positive company culture? In the past 14 years in business, InspiringApps has matured from a flat organization to one with an outstanding leadership team. In InspiringApps’ infancy, our culture was driven by the personalities of the relatively few people involved. But as the company grew, we were careful to emphasize the characteristics that fostered a positive work environment and eliminated any contrary to the things we’ve come to value— empathy, inclusion, and personal growth for our employees. It is much more challenging to make cultural changes with an existing team. So we aim to hire people who share those values from the start.  What is Company Culture? Every company has a culture. While it may form organically, greater success will come from consistent cultivation. Intentional company culture combines organizational values and mission with the rewards of employment that come in four main categories: Loyalty-based, performance-based, opportunity-passed, and lifestyle-based. No style is better than the other; it’s dependent on the company and the employees hired. For instance, if your staff prefers lifestyle-based culture—flexible work or other perks—over performance-based culture, including raises and promotions for a job well done, the employees may stay dissatisfied and leave to find a company culture that suits their preference. The best cultures dovetail perfectly: employees and leaders focus on the same mission and encourage rewards. Discovering the perfect combination, however, doesn’t happen overnight. Why Do Your Employees Need an Intentional Company Culture? The job market is booming, with qualified candidates searching for a better way to spend their work hours. A recent survey found that 79% of employees who left their jobs did so because of a lack of appreciation, and 50% said they were more motivated by appreciation than money. This sounds like a job for company culture! In an ideal world, company culture and performance should work in tandem. Employees who are happy with their jobs have higher satisfaction rates. However, lousy work culture can hurt employees, bringing high turnover rates, burnout, and subpar work.  Consistency and time are part of the formula for creating an intentional company culture. There’s no shortcut. Influential leaders seek to understand what employees appreciate, what causes them pain, hear their suggestions for improvement, follow through with promised changes, and repeat that process frequently. Intentional company culture benefits from open minds and a commitment from everyone, especially the leadership team. InspiringApps understands this fundamental truth and implements practices that demonstrate that. An InspiringApps employee explains it best: “I've never been part of a company or even heard of one that not only prioritizes production and quality for the client(s) but also functionality and comfortability of the work environment. InspiringApps has mastered the balance between keeping the clients happy and keeping the employees happy. For me personally, hours are flexible because of my schedule, and the entire team is always open to communication when I need assistance or have a question. My bosses check in on me to ensure I'm doing okay with my work even when I have not reached out for help. Every other employee and my bosses are truly excited to have me on the team, and make that clear to me everyday, which is why I feel so comfortable and open to expressing my thoughts and ideas on projects.” How to Develop and Maintain a Good Company Culture Engaged employees are critical for business success. Experience is the best teacher, and we’ve learned plenty of lessons regarding things that keep our employees a happy part of the team.  We built our culture slowly and methodically over the past 14 years, and these are some of the most successful initiatives that have inspired more than 40% of our staff to stay with us for more than five years.  Promote from Within  Today’s employees are looking for a company with opportunities for career advancement and appreciate roles with a clear path to growth and promotions, as they give them personal goals to work towards.  Along the employee journey, InspiringApps offers professional development opportunities that help our team stay on top of their skills, expand their capabilities and incorporate new and developing interests. By doing so, our employees are able to have long tenures at InspiringApps, while still remaining competitive. At the same time, we’re able to hire the best candidates for our growing positions, right from our own team. “I’ve been able to get help in building new skills, speak at conferences, and grow within the company throughout my time at InspiringApps,” said an InspiringApps employee. As the InspiringApps client roster scaled, so did our team. We promoted long-time employees into our development team lead roles, recognizing their wisdom and honoring their commitment to our team over their tenure. Offer Excellent Benefits  Many start-ups, including InspiringApps, may be resource-constrained in the early days. Health and retirement benefits are expensive, so we focused first on benefits that didn’t require a direct cash outlay. Establishing a two-day-per-week remote work policy over a decade ago, accommodating part-time employees, and offering flexible work hours were all low-cost ways to treat our team with respect. “We’ve had a hybrid remote-work model for many years. Pre-pandemic, this was something that very few companies offered,” said an InspiringApps employee. “It was one of the reasons I chose this company.” As InspiringApps matured, we also added more traditional benefits. In addition to a 401k with match, profit sharing, and a generous and flexible PTO policy, we recently increased the company’s health premium contribution from 50% to 100% and added company-paid vision, dental, disability, and employee assistance (EAP). Be Inclusive Inclusivity is a mandate kept top-of-mind in the projects and clients we take on and the staff we hire and promote. In a historically homogenous industry like tech, inclusivity can be a challenge. Through intentional recruiting and a focus on providing opportunities for traditionally underrepresented groups to join the field, InspiringApps is working to build a more diverse team that reflects the users we serve better. Promoting women in tech is one way we’ve made strides in our company. At InspiringApps, women make up 40% of our leadership team and more than a third of our employees—20% more than the U.S. average. Promoting diversity and inclusion provides various perspectives, which is essential for the challenges we’re addressing in our consumer apps. We consider it a competitive advantage as we continue to innovate for our clients. Additionally, we’ve made a concentrated effort over time to welcome new employees. Years ago that welcome included a team lunch on Pearl Street. Since our team has grown, that lunch is now digital – and the efforts to stay be inclusive extend much further than that. Communication and connection is ingrained into the way we set up projects, make progress on initiatives and more. Communicate Consistently Secrecy and unexplained decision-making from leaders lead to unengaged employees. Transparency is the name of the game. About 85% of employees are most motivated when they know what’s happening and why.  “They place a great deal of trust in their employees,” said an InspiringApps employee. “Even to help make product decisions or suggestions to customers.” Open and frequent communication, including stand-ups and all-hands meetings, project or team demos, company newsletters, and social media, encourages employees to gain trust in leadership. Share company goals regularly so that your employees feel confident in knowing the direction they’re working. The more your employees see open communication from leaders and are encouraged to participate in decision making, the better communicators they’ll be with your clients, modeling the positive communication behaviors in everything they do. Technology is your friend when it comes to employee engagement—offering a Slack channel or other internal chat features, an employee app, or an intranet site where employees can share and talk directly to leaders can inspire a transparent culture. Conclusion We’re honored to be recognized as a Great Place to Work. But that recognition is only a small window into the little things that our team is doing every day to reinforce the culture we’ve been nurturing for years. It defines our expectations for the way we treat one another and anyone who interacts with InspiringApps. It certainly makes InspiringApps a pleasant place to work, but we think you’ll also see the results when you work with us and in the apps we create.   Building award-winning apps starts with a language that’s foreign to many of us: code. For more than 14 years, our development team has built easy-to-use iOS, Android, and web applications for more than 100 companies in a dozen industries. See our work.

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InspiringApps Launches New Brand and Website

With technology and a collaborative spirit, a meaningful new brand is born.  BOULDER, CO -- After nearly a decade and a half of the same look and feel, InspiringApps is glowing up–and it only took pivot to remote work for inspiration to strike. The company, an industry-leading web and mobile app and software solutions group headquartered in Boulder, officially launched an innovative new brand and website encompassing its roots and plans for the future.  A Collaborative Innovation While some companies struggled to work collaboratively and adjust to the new reality of remote teams, the InspiringApps team took on the massive challenge to become more cohesive than before.  “Emerging from over a year of pandemic isolation and recognizing that InspiringApps had used the same branding for over a decade, it was the perfect time for a change. Our teams are doing amazing work for start-ups and huge enterprises alike. I welcomed a fresh perspective on our logo and color schemes,” Brad Weber, founder and president of InspiringApps shared. InspiringApps’ new logo reflects the company’s collaborative nature, combining efforts from our UI/UX and marketing teams.  “We collaborated a lot remotely; we had Slack open, cameras on, and worked from shared Adobe XD artboards, moving elements around while we discussed them. It was a powerful way to leverage technology for a smoother, more collaborative process,” Becca Collins, UI/UX designer, explains. “Somehow, working remotely with shared screens produced even better results than we could have achieved if we were in the same office,” Aaron Lea, Art Director, noted. A Meaningful Brand The team started with a concept that encapsulated the InspiringApps foundation: the original location in Boulder, Colorado, the code that developers use to build web and mobile apps, and the core values the team holds at the center of everything they do. Designers visually translated these elements into three simplified shapes: a triangle to encompass the mountainous Flatirons of Boulder, and a semicolon and less-than symbol representing code. Designers merged the three symbols into an abstract I and A–the company’s abbreviated initials–for a unique and meaningful new logo. Although the company leads with intentional design with clients, rapid growth brought an increased demand for the services and little time for internal branding. For several years, the original design established the InspiringApps brand, but that logo had limitations.  “The logo served us well initially, but it was hard to work with. It was time for a change,” Aaron said. A newly designed dynamic website accompanied the brand’s unveiling. On the new site, visitors can find valuable resources and downloads, case studies, and advice for companies considering a mobile or web app. The site also includes case studies from past clients to inspire new ideas. “Our goal is to provide a design and web experience that reflects our mission and core values. We’re committed to putting just as much care and intention into your project as we did with our own,” Brad shared.

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InspiringApps Adds Jonathan Laramy as Director of Sales

Extensive experience with startups and enterprises encourages success in the role Boulder, CO – InspiringApps, a premier app design and development provider, announces the addition of Jonathan Laramy to the senior management team as Director of Sales. Jonathan will plan and execute InspiringApps’ sales strategy and continue the company’s steady growth with a focus on enterprise clients. Jonathan has deep experience navigating complex sales cycles with multiple project owners at all levels of the organization. With a successful history of establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with strategic customers, Jonathan brings loyalty, integrity, and transparency to the InspiringApps organization. “InspiringApps has enjoyed steady organic growth for years. I’m excited that Jonathan will help to accelerate that growth, especially with enterprise customers, which has been the source of much of our new business in recent years. Jonathan’s style and approach to sales are very much aligned with our practices at InspiringApps,” Brad Weber, president and CEO of InspiringApps, said. “App development has so much potential to improve customer experiences and help companies communicate better with their teams. I’m honored to be a part of InspiringApps, and looking forward to bringing innovative solutions to more enterprise companies,” Jonathan said. Jonathan’s experience spans various industries, including retail, manufacturing, on-demand services, real estate, property management, and music. Jonathan launched his career as a key sales manager at, one of the most successful dotcom companies of the early 2000s, and has enjoyed a successful career in sales in more than a half-dozen companies. About InspiringApps InspiringApps is a web and mobile app design and development company that crafts beautiful and engaging apps that inspire how people live, work, and play. With over 13 years in business and experience building hundreds of mobile and web apps for top global brands and startups alike, InspiringApps helps transform organizations and consumer experiences. Contact: Stephanie MikulsMarketing DirectorInspiringAppsBoulder,

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Stacy Griffin Promoted To Director Of Operations At InspiringApps

Stacy brings 11 years of proven leadership to the role Boulder, CO – Inspiring Apps, a premier app design and development provider, has promoted Stacy Griffin to Director of Operations. Stacy will oversee all aspects of staffing and project delivery in this expanded role, including design, web and mobile app development, testing, and project management.Stacy joined InspiringApps in spring 2010 as a project manager. During her time in this role, she coordinated InspiringApps’ design, development, and testing teams as they delivered hundreds of custom web and mobile apps to clients. Stacy’s intimate familiarity with the company’s clients and projects, as well as team members’ unique strengths, made her a clear choice for the role. “To support our rapid growth, I’m thrilled that Stacy will manage our operations. Although she is a master of project plans, our clients and team members appreciate her level head and vast experience working on web and mobile app projects,” Brad Weber, president and CEO of InspiringApps, said. Stacy has more than 20 years in project management and is adept in AGILE, RUP, and Waterfall Management disciplines, as well as traditional project management. Her dedication to building the right teams for a project and encouraging team chemistry are keys to her success as a leader. Stacy provides project transparency through quantitative and qualitative documentation to keep projects on budget and on time. “I feel honored to work with such an amazing team at InspiringApps. Their commitment to doing great work makes what I do incredibly rewarding. I’m looking forward to helping our team and the company continue to grow,” Stacy said. Stacy holds a B.S. in Management and Quantitative Methods/Marketing from Illinois State University and an M.S. in computer science from DePaul University, as well as PMP credentials. About InspiringAppsInspiringApps is an app design and development company that builds beautiful and engaging apps that inspire how people live, work, and play. With over 13 years in business and experience building hundreds of mobile and web apps for top global brands and startups alike, InspiringApps helps transform the way organizations communicate. Contact: Stephanie MikulsPhone: 303.635.6244Email: stephanie@inspiringapps.comWeb:

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Listen To InspiringApps CEO On Building To Scale Podcast

Our Founder and CEO, Brad Weber, recently joined the Building to Scale podcast with Admentus to talk about his entrepreneurial experience in building a remote team. Now with offices in multiple states and a growing remote team, Brad shares some of the growing pains and successes he’s had at InspiringApps.   Key Takeaway Build a strong foundation – As Brad states, while we have been successful with a 14-year history and more than 20 employees, we would have been better served by introducing strategy, process, and a stronger foundation earlier in the game.   Lessons Learned Build a Foundation – Having structure – systems, processes, etc. in your business can make a huge difference in the long term of a business from both an efficiency perspective as well as a value perspective. Contractors vs. Employees – Regardless of whether you are dealing with contractors or employees, ensure there is a cultural fit and buy-in to ensure that everybody is committed and pulling in the same direction. Continual Learning – As an entrepreneur and an executive, learning never stops.   Listen to the full interview on YouTube or at the Admentus website.

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InspiringApps Consulting Services

InspiringApps provides consulting services for software development teams and executives, that allow you to leverage our expertise to build innovative digital products. For over a dozen years, our team has built award-winning web, Android, and iOS apps—hundreds of them. We’ve been fortunate to have gained unparalleled experience from a diverse set of projects. Our work spans a vast array of industries and includes partnerships with top startups and Fortune 500 companies. While we love designing and building apps for organizations, we find it equally satisfying to provide you with the outside perspective needed to take your digital products to the next level with your own team. Our expertise in crafting solutions at all stages of the software development lifecycle enables us to provide the guidance you need to keep your projects on track and in budget. This blog post will review our consulting services as well as how they can support your next project. Concept Feasibility The InspiringApps team is here to help you determine if a project is viable. Our concept feasibility analysis incorporates factors that are critical to the digital product lifecycle. We review the following key areas: Technical considerations: How will you build features into your app that address security, performance, and other important technical qualities? Product economics: Does your product meet the needs of today’s users? Legal issues: What legal considerations should you be aware of in order to protect your project’s authorship and revenue? Operational and logistical factors: Can you efficiently produce your app within the constraints of your project? Our team reviews the impact of these interrelated factors on your project. This information in turn makes it easy to decide if a new opportunity is right for you. Process Audit Our process audits save teams time and money by identifying hidden inefficiencies. Our audit services include providing independent validation of your testing features, communicating with members of your organization to ensure that quality assurance protocols are optimized, and conducting skills assessments of your IT team. What’s more, our experience developing a wide range of digital products can help your team implement processes that achieve excellence in app standards, even in highly regulated industries. In short, we’ll prevent workflow problems before they occur so that users continue to love and trust your product. Technical Risk Analysis Anticipating technical risks within a rapidly evolving mobile app market is challenging to say the least. InspiringApps has a proven track record of giving clients tools to sidestep common pitfalls and launch mobile apps with ease. Our team has extensive experience evaluating risk pertaining to platform rejections, security breaches, and feature overload (to name a few). We’ll help you approach technical concerns proactively so that you can stay focused on delivering an exceptional app. Architecture Assistance Web and mobile app architecture is essential to your product’s success. Not only that, but fixing a foundational problem can quickly drain valuable resources, especially when an outsider’s perspective isn’t considered. InspiringApps has the expertise necessary to implement architecture solutions at all stages of the development life cycle. We’ll work with your team to integrate the presentation, business, and data layers of your product to create a fully structured app. This helps to avoid costly maintenance issues down the road. UX/UI Advice Since InspiringApps has collaborated with clients from a wide variety of industries, creating experiences that delight users continues to be a unifying quality of our diverse portfolio. We’ll work closely with you to understand your users and brand mission with the goal of converting this information into unparalleled web and mobile app design. Our UX/UI design services include: UX Research UI/UX Design Brand Identity Design Our team’s ability to merge behavioral science and creativity in our approach to UX/UI design will help you captivate users in a new way. Accessibility Best Practices Our team has extensive experience developing B2B and B2C apps that embody the highest accessibility standards. We love applying our expertise in creating products that all individuals can understand and use toward helping clients create inclusive apps. We’ll help you take a research-based approach to designing web, Android, and iOS apps with accessibility in mind. Our services consistently result in accessible apps that align with industry guidelines and create more opportunities for user engagement. Code Review/Audit Our code audits relieve clients of glitches and vulnerabilities in their product and allow them to deliver a secure, healthy app to their users. We’ll apply over a decade’s worth of review experience toward identifying structural problems in your code and strategizing efficient ways to address them. Our tailored audits include deep code reviews and analyses that will allow you to keep your project moving forward. IoT and AR Although developing mobile apps for Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) devices is relatively new, InspiringApps has extensive experience in this area. We continue to develop outstanding apps that work well with cutting-edge devices. We’ll collaborate with your team to ensure that critical features of IoT and AR apps—seamless design, perfect device pairing, and high performance, among others—are embodied in your digital product. SaaS Integrations InspiringApps team has the expertise necessary to build exceptional mobile apps for your SaaS brand. We’ll collaborate with you to create a plan for developing an app that meets the needs of your end users. We’ll then help you update your product in a way that reflects operational excellence and provides on-demand access to the SaaS services your users value most. Executive Consulting The InspiringApps team has designed and built innovative apps for some of the largest organizations in the world. While tech companies often prefer to rely on the expertise of in-house developers, our 13+ years of experience building hundreds of apps can provide a fresh perspective on your project. Our team can work with your executive leadership to analyze risk and strategize ways to deliver top digital products. Do our consulting services align with the unique needs of your organization? Request a free consultation today to find out more about how you can integrate our expertise into your next project. We’d love to help you streamline your path to digital product success.

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Client Projects

InspiringApps And Cancer Exercise Selected As A Best Mobile App Awards Nominee

InspiringApps announced today that it has been selected as a nominee for the Best Mobile App Awards. The Cancer Exercise app that InspiringApps developed in conjunction with Anna L. Schwartz, PhD, FNP-BC, FAAN, is a finalist in the Health & Fitness category.  Apps are judged on a number of factors, including performance, creativity, innovation, design and originality, and the business value added. The committee of judges is made up of expert designers, developers and publishers. Only those that excel in multiple categories move forward, and InspiringApps’ nomination puts them in great company.  Schwartz, who is a world-renowned pioneer in cancer and physical activity exercise oncology, created the app to bring customized exercise to cancer survivors to improve their quality of life. The new Cancer Exercise app is a first mobile exercise app for iOS specifically for people living with or beyond cancer. What is also unique about the Cancer Exercise mobile app is that the workout program is based on scientifically sound guidelines for cancer survivors following the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).  Providing individual exercise prescriptions, the Cancer Exercise mobile app makes exercise available to cancer survivors of all ages, level of physical condition, types and stages of cancer, types of treatment and is even appropriate for people who are many years beyond treatment. Whether you are new to fitness, or a hard-core exerciser, the Cancer Exercise mobile app guides you through every step of exercise with the goal to make exercise part of daily life. The Cancer Exercise app is free and donations are accepted. About InspiringApps: InspiringApps is an award-winning mobile app design and development company. For over a decade, InspiringApps has built beautiful and engaging apps, for all kinds of smart devices, that inspire how people live, work, and play. Their clients range from innovative start-ups to some of the biggest brands in the world. About Cancer Exercise: Created by world-renowned pioneer in cancer and physical activity exercise oncology Anna L. Schwartz, PhD, FNP-BC, FAAN, this exercise program helps individuals make a positive change in their life. The step-by-step program guides participants to become more active leading to less fatigue, more energy and improved physical and emotional health.  About The Best Mobile App Awards: The Best Mobile App Awards is a platform that recognizes the best mobile apps available on the market via a committee of highly experienced app designers and developers. These leaders of the industry are dedicated to uncovering the next big player in mobile applications.

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InspiringApps Named Best Mobile App Developers In Austin

InspiringApps was named one of the best mobile app developers in Austin by, a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services. Over 50 mobile app development companies were evaluated and the top firms were selected based on multiple service lines, size of the firm, and industry focus. To be considered for this list of best mobile app developers, companies are required to offer a variety of services, including augmented/virtual reality development, pay-per-click, custom software development, and more. Also under consideration are small firms to provide services at affordable rates and large firms that can execute extensive projects. The final list highlights development companies that cater to clients across various industries, such as education, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, and media. InspiringApps is delighted to be included in this list of the best mobile app developers in Austin. We offer award-winning development and design services to build software products that are creative, intuitive, and so compelling that they become indispensable to those who use them. We’ve designed and developed countless iOS apps, Android apps, and web apps. We also have experience in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and hardware-integrated IoT devices. We have expertise in both native and cross-platform tools and many of our apps leverage cloud-based content management systems (CMSs). If you have an app idea that you’d like to explore, please contact us. We’d love to use our experience to help make your idea a reality.

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App Development

How To Use White-Labeling To Create Profitable Apps

As branding strategies evolve, tech companies continue to find ways to use white-labeling to create profitable apps. White-labeling refers to creating a foundational product or service that can be rebranded and further customized by other companies. This model provides a way to service many brands with one product that still looks unique to end users. In a previous blog post on fintech and mobile app development, we discussed the capacity of white-labeling to improve app integration and deliver data-driven tools. While there are many advantages associated with the decision to white-label a product, it is not without its challenges. We share our insights on the topic below. Learn how to use white-labeling to create profitable apps given the inherent strengths and limitations of the model.  Pros and Cons of White-labeling  Although the practice of white-labeling apps exists across various industries, the business model for all brands is the same. Suppose you want to create a white-labeled “all resorts” app to service property management companies. This app would need to include features that appeal to virtually all resort managers. For example, the app could include the ability to view specific amenities of a resort upon selection. Property managers could further customize the app each time a resort is added to the product.  Although creating one product that services multiples resorts is more efficient, this technique has its limitations. A significant con to white-labeling is the appearance of a lack of uniqueness. Using the all resorts app as an example, this product may be less appealing to individual resorts since they don’t want to be listed side-by-side in the same app with their competitors. Resorts would prefer to own their customer relationship and create the impression that they’ve done something unique to serve them. On the other hand, the model benefits property managers because it is more efficient to maintain one app. It also simplifies things for users since they only need one app to access information about multiple resorts. White-labeled products also cut out the time and expense required to build users’ trust. Instead, companies deliver customized products to their existing loyal customer base. A customer who is familiar with a particular property management company is more likely to book a resort from its app. For this reason, white-labeling is especially useful to industries in which trust is paramount. This is why financial and medical institutions rely heavily on white-labeling.  Considerations for Developing a Profitable White-labeled Product  Limitations on brand-specific features   Limitations on brand-specific features substantially impact how producers use white-labeling to create profitable apps. Brands invariably request new features that may only be relevant to them. Offering no brand-specific customization is easiest for white-label providers. The more brand-specific features added to an app, the more difficult it is to maintain the app over time. It is tempting to individualize features in order to appease customers. The temptation is especially strong when a business is starting and revenue is especially critical. However, restricting the number of brand-specific features is key to profitability.  The cost to develop a white-labeled product is relatively low at the start. Expenses grow over time as more brands (with more needs) are added to the platform. Ideally developers should strive to flatten out the expense curve so that the cost to add a new brand to the app is small. Setting limits on brand-specific customization is key to reaching this goal.  Publishing Requirements  The adoption of white-labeled products by multiple companies results in the availability of similar looking products that market themselves as being unique to a specific brand. This outcome inevitably presents a challenge to using white-labeling to create profitable digital products.  It has also contributed to some pushback from Apple. Initially Apple chose to reject  submissions from white-label providers. Apple later relaxed its policy to allow white-labeled products to be created so long as each brand creates its own developer account and publishes its rebranded app through that account. This stipulation aims to strike a balance between Apple’s interest in an “app store cleanup” and the growing popularity of white-labeled products.  Developers interested in creating profitable white-labeled products need to stay informed of these evolving restrictions.  Adequate Specificity  The design of white-labeled products needs to be general enough to be adopted by multiple brands yet specific enough to capitalize on niche markets and their goals. For example, Intel used white-labeling to create a gaming laptop that’s similar to a lot of other laptops but also has qualities that appeal to a specific market. The new product for gaming enthusiasts is conducive to white-labeling due to features including “an advanced cooling system, excellent performance, great build quality, a light chassis, and shockingly good battery life.” The same connection between profitability and embodiment of a middle ground between generic and targeted features exists for white-labeled apps.  Alignment with Emerging Trends  The most profitable white-labeled products provide services that are becoming increasingly popular. If relabeled products don’t reflect relevant trends, then they are unlikely to provide a launching point from which multiple brands can service a growing need. White-labeled products that are at the forefront of new trends are also able to acquire data that will become increasingly valuable over time. An example of a timely white-labeled product is Greenlight, a debit card for kids that was recently white-labeled by Chase. Fintech is now essential to personal banking. Therefore, apps that capitalize on this growing trend will be highly valuable to top brands.  InspiringApps has extensive experience developing white-labeled products for organizations that are influential in numerous sectors. Contact us today to find out how our team can help you use white-labeling to reach a diverse set of organizations.

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Business & Strategy

Finding Meaning In A Terrible State Slogan

Thoughts from our founder + CEO Brad Weber I’m not inspired by many of our state slogans. Although I tip my hat to “The Land of Enchantment” (nice job, New Mexico!), too many other slogans focus on a single characteristic like a prominent landmark, animal, or plant. The most important thing about Utah is beehives according to their state slogan. That just doesn’t seem right considering the gorgeous landscapes and all the state has to offer. I grew up in a state with an obtuse slogan. Missouri is the Show-Me state. As a child, I didn’t understand it— and I was not alone. There are numerous legends regarding its origin. In a 1989 article in “Rural Missouri”, author Phyllis Rossiter attributed it to Missouri’s U.S. Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver, who served in the United States House of Representatives from 1897 to 1903. In a speech in 1899, he’s credited with saying, “I come from a state that raises corn and cotton and cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me.” (1) I don’t think “Show-Me State” is license plate worthy. But history lesson aside, I have found meaning in the slogan for my own career. Over the years, I’ve learned that showing is much more powerful than telling. I am not comfortable promising to customers what I am not sure I can deliver. And for me, that proof comes in showing. For my very first customer over 25 years ago, I created an entirely functional desktop application to show them what it might look like before I had the courage to ask them to pay. And many times since, I (and our team at InspiringApps) have won business and earned client trust by building something to prove that it can be done— perhaps focusing on a key high-risk feature— before a client commits to a project. I have enjoyed decades of success, following these simple steps: 1. Build something noteworthy2. Tell (but more importantly show!) people3. Profit and repeat The order matters. I see others stumble when they flip steps 1 and 2 and only do the telling. They are quick to promise without the certainty of a successful outcome. I find that the same lesson applies to job applicants. Invest the time, especially early in your career (or even pre-career) to do, to create, to build. Showing is so much more powerful than telling. After all these years, I can finally thank Missouri for a state slogan that makes (some) sense. 1. Rossiter, Phyllis. “I’m from Missouri–you’ll have to show me.” Rural Missouri, Volume 42, Number 3, March 1989, page 16.

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Client Projects

Ēdn SmallGarden At Apple And West Elm

We are thrilled for our partners at ēdn, as their SmallGarden is now available to buy online at Apple and West Elm! The SmallGarden is expertly engineered and beautifully designed with advanced LED lights and WiFi enabled processors that make growing fully automated. Combined with the ēdn app, you can seamlessly manage the lighting schedule, see garden alerts, and get detailed guidance on the growth of your plants to help you go from planting to harvest and beyond. The handcrafted gardens use responsibly-sourced bent wood and anodized aluminum to create their garden boxes. The result is a product design that complements both nature and the room it’s in. ēdn provides a wide range of dirt-free SeedPods that easily drop into place. Users can grow gardens that prove useful with herbs and vegetables, or go a more decorative route with flowers and foliage. The easy and intuitive app helps users to monitor water, light and temperature, guiding the user through the growing process from start to finish. We enjoyed working with ēdn on the app to leverage technology for a fun and automated home gardening experience. Most recently, a new version of the iOS app was released, complete with HomeKit support for an even more integrated product experience. An Android app will also be available soon. We believe that app development done well results in products that delight users and deliver real value, and that’s never been more true than with ēdn.  Congratulations again to the team at ēdn! We are excited about their success and the future of their product. If you have an app idea that you’d like to explore, please contact us. We’d love to use our experience to help your idea grow.

10 months ago