2024 Tech Trends in Enterprise & App Development

3 months ago
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In our recent conversation with InspiringApps CEO Brad Weber, we explored the upcoming tech trends shaping the enterprise landscape in 2024, how they’ll impact our clients, and our approach to app development. Let’s dive in!


Artificial Intelligence, Data Privacy & Cloud Solutions

“I anticipate several trends will impact app design and development in the near future. InspiringApps is at the forefront of helping our clients adapt to the changes that technology inevitably brings.”


Artificial Intelligence Trends

Artificial intelligence will continue to dominate 2024. We’re excited to help our clients employ thoughtful AI solutions—not just generative AI—to leverage corporate data better and improve user experiences.

We can help companies harness the power of AI to effectively analyze vast amounts of data, which allows us to predict potential issues that customers may encounter based on their unique usage patterns. With this knowledge, we can take proactive measures to reach out and provide tailored solutions or offer extra support. That extra step can enhance the overall customer experience and strengthen their connection with a brand.

Another example of how AI can help companies create exceptional customer experiences is by automating CRM systems.

  • Artificial intelligence streamlines processes and saves valuable time by simplifying tasks such as data entry, lead scoring, and follow-up reminders.
  • AI will use that data to provide intelligent insights so businesses can better predict which leads are most likely to convert and enable sales teams to focus their efforts more effectively.
  • Embracing AI in customer experience leads to improved efficiency, heightened productivity, and, ultimately, better company outcomes.

Data Privacy Trends

Data privacy will also be important. Because AI can analyze data quickly and efficiently, it offers smaller or mid-sized companies security and privacy features previously only found in enterprise-level budgets. Added access is a win for startups in the app market, who can build trust more quickly and remain competitive.

From a development standpoint, companies can build more privacy safeguards on the server side instead of relying on client-side data to find bugs, breaches, and threats. For instance, rather than relying on client-side reporting, a banking app could leverage the collected data to assess the risk of fraud on a user account or temporarily limit access until the fraud department reaches out.

This approach offers greater flexibility for correlating data and dynamically controlling actions, which lets companies provide a more personalized and secure user experience while harnessing the power of AI.

Cloud Computing Trends

For our cloud solutions, we’re excited about microservices and event-driven architecture.

  • Microservices can make apps more agile and easier to scale by dividing up data handling into smaller, independent parts, each with its own responsibility. If one fails, it won’t take the whole application down with it. Less downtime means happier customers. 
  • Event-driven architecture also has the potential to offer a much smoother user experience because it prioritizes immediate data handling in response to an event rather than prioritizing data loss. When a user makes a request, the event-driven architecture allows the response in real-time or very close to real-time, whereas in the past, the request would return a complete dataset—and that often took some time. The event-driven architecture allows for an on-demand response that scales.

These are not brand-new concepts, but they provide companies with the super-power of agility, allowing them to adapt quickly to rapidly changing market conditions and user demands.

Advice to Digital Product Owners: Take Action

When things are changing so quickly, and generative AI is a good example from 2023, sometimes there is a tendency to wait until the dust settles to take action.

“The dust may not settle for a long time, and you can find yourself way behind. Take action, even if it is small. Get into the mix so you can learn and iterate. That will put you in a position to take advantage of new innovations more quickly as they arise.”


Being an early adopter means staying ahead of the curve and being at the forefront of innovation. In today’s fast-paced world, technology is constantly evolving and changing. Early adopters stay ahead of their competitors and are better prepared for any future changes or advancements.

Also, embracing new technologies and ideas early on helps you gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Early adopters are often seen as leaders and trendsetters, which can attract new customers and clients who want to work with innovative companies.

Early adoption also presents an opportunity for learning and growth. By taking action before others, you have the chance to learn from any mistakes or challenges that may arise. This can help you refine your strategies and processes, making you more efficient and effective in the long run.

Additionally, being an early adopter allows you to become familiar with new technologies or concepts before they become mainstream, giving you a head start in mastering them.

Innovation Beyond the Finish Line

“Innovation is key to the future of InspiringApps. We will continue to be curious and help our clients create better products by asking, ‘Why?’ Our team enjoys the variety, and our clients benefit from the work we do and the lessons we learn from that work.”


In many ways, designing and building an awesome web and mobile app only gets our clients to the starting line, not the finish line. There is so much more required for a product to be successful.

We’re fortunate to have clients of all sizes spanning various industries. It creates a plethora of opportunities for us to employ new techniques and technologies in innovative ways.

In 2024 and beyond, we will focus more on long-term product success. We’re bundling marketing services with design and development. We’re supplementing our clients’ own product management capabilities to interpret user feedback and product usage to shape a product roadmap that includes continuous improvement and long-term success.

Together, we can turn your vision into reality.

If you have aspirations and goals that you’re passionate about, we would love nothing more than to have a conversation with you. Drop us a line today, and let’s embark on an extraordinary journey together.
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10 days ago

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Engineering Success: Leading Digital Solutions Through Culture

Boulder, CO—A well-executed digital strategy can set industry leaders apart, and culture is the backbone of that. Take it from us at InspiringApps. Beyond the standard “move fast and break things” mantra, we prioritize a finish line, every time guarantee, combined with an ethos of curiosity, which we believe are key to an adaptive and winning digital portfolio. Brad Weber, Founder and CEO at InspiringApps, shares his insights into our culture of leading digital solutions.   Embracing a Shared Vision for the Future InspiringApps aspires to create an inclusive, inventive, and future-proof culture. Every team member knows the value of finishing projects and taking them across the finish line. To foster this culture, we encourage our team members to speak up and be comfortable asking “why” while critically examining requirements. This mindset helps us seek the best user experience and guarantees the highest quality of development. A standout facet of our culture is our commitment to valuing each team member’s unique skills and experiences. This, coupled with the collective intelligence we’ve garnered from building numerous web and mobile apps, forms a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Diversity of knowledge enables us to anticipate and navigate tech challenges holistically, ensuring that our digital solutions are second to none. Curiosity Is Your Business’s Best Ally At InspiringApps, we are ardent believers in pushing boundaries and championing curiosity. We know that asking, “Why?” can often differentiate a satisfactory solution from an exceptional one. This deep dive into understanding opens avenues for transformative solutions that suit your business’s needs. One of our long-term clients, Scott, poignantly noted that we don’t just fulfill requests; we dissect them, aiming to understand context and purpose. Embracing this ethos, our team endeavors to redefine the standards of digital solution development, ensuring our clients receive best-in-class products. Building the Digital Future Together We envision fostering an environment that’s inventive, inclusive, and on the cutting edge of technology. We are proud to create a culture where team members feel encouraged to share and lean into their unique insights. We value diversity of thought and action. We believe these differences bring us closer to curating the best user experience. There’s a shared satisfaction in ushering a project from ideation to completion as we craft solutions that drive business growth. A key part of this process is nurturing the confidence to question, investigate, and redefine in our teams. Because, at heart, we’re in the business of solving problems. Embracing Digital Evolution: The InspiringApps Way At InspiringApps, we believe in keeping curiosity and innovation at the center stage while continuously tailoring our diverse collective experience to exceed client expectations. Our signature approach imbues every project with these values. As we strategize for the future, we remain committed to our mission to provide our clients with exceptional, cutting-edge digital solutions. We are eager to contribute to your journey to excellence in the ever-evolving world of technology. Get the insights you need straight from thought leaders at InspiringApps and beyond. Read the full article on Built In. 

3 months ago

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